Hi Johannes,

> Some games DOS games run better in DOS as in DOSBOX, DOSEMU... I have to
> search for it I didnĀ“t know it when it is not DOSBOX what you mean.

DOSEMU is a program for Linux which only simulates the I/O part
of the hardware such as graphics card and sound card, but lets
your DOS software run on your actual CPU. That way, it is much
faster than DOSBOX for some games but most users of DOS games
also use Windows and often have so fast CPU that they do not
notice the problem with DOSBOX anyway...

> My PC hardware: Intels i5 750 4x2,66ghz, 8GB DDR3-1333, Gforce 260GTX,
> 300GB HD SATA, an IDE DVD and an SATA DVD, an normally floppydisk drive
> on IDE, the Audigy 2 on PCI.



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