At 06:30 PM 9/26/2011, Arthur N. Dunning III wrote:
>A: I am referring to the options presented to me when I used the FreeDOS
>CD I made with the fbasecd.iso file I downloaded from the FreeDOS web
>site. I tried to install FreeDOS on my USB drive, but I did so without
>using the 'UNetbootin' software application ... with unpleasant
>consequences. Instead of installing FreeDOS on to my USB drive, I
>accidentally installed it onto the hard drive where Ubuntu is installed,
>making it necessary for me to reformat the whole thing and reinstall Linux.


>S: Just because you put a HD in a USB enclosure doesn't mean the OS
>found the device or any partitions it may have on it.
>A: Ubuntu 11.04 recognized my drive when I simply plugged it into one of
>my USB ports, but thanks for the information just the same.

But you are not using Format in Ubuntu, you're trying to use it in 
FreeDOS and that simply does know squat about USB attached hard drives...


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