Op 8-10-2011 3:17, Michael B. Brutman schreef:

> I noticed that it doesn't support older versions of DOS - I presume that
> is just a matter of some of the data structures being different, and
> that it would be possible?  Also, your code assumes a Pentium (which
> makes sense for something running under VMWare) - it looks like it could
> be adapted for older CPUs, such as the 8088.  (The only Pentium specific
> instructions that I noticed were in your implementation of chain_intr.
> Is that correct?)

If VMSMOUNT can safely abort on ancient hardware then it would be a 
plus. All the rest can easily stay 586+, perhaps even 686+.

I'm not sure about if it's possible to load VMSMOUNT in UMBs, or how the 
driveletter assignment algorythm works exactly:
* use requested driveletter
* if occupied, use first *next* available driveletter
* if occupied, use earliest available driveletter (with the risk of 
mounting at drive C: ).

> My interest is in doing a virtual hard drive or file system (not decided
> yet) using the network redirector interface.  It would use a packet
> driver to work over Ethernet.

a disk image file mounting tool over internet would be awesome.
Along the likes of iPXE's SAN-booting I guess, but without requirements 
of actually downloading or booting the ISO, nor copying it to memory 

> Regards,
> Mike

I'm still not sure how to get base directory names of drives and shares 
under standard COMMAND.COM. Perhaps time for 4DOS after all :)

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