Hi Bernd,

2011/10/8 Bernd Blaauw <bbla...@home.nl>:
> If VMSMOUNT can safely abort on ancient hardware then it would be a
> plus. All the rest can easily stay 586+, perhaps even 686+.

If you are running under VMware, it is a 586+. Have you tested what
happens when yoy try to execute it in a real 286 or earlier? My old
80186 died quite a few years ago. VMSMOUNT is useless in real
hardware, but I can add a processor test if it crashes the machine.

> I'm not sure about if it's possible to load VMSMOUNT in UMBs, or how the
> driveletter assignment algorythm works exactly:
> * use requested driveletter
> * if occupied, use first *next* available driveletter
> * if occupied, use earliest available driveletter (with the risk of
> mounting at drive C: ).

LOADHIGH should do the trick, I suppose...

The drive letter assignment is:

* If drive letter is specified, use it or fail if it is already in use.
* If no drive letter is specified, use the first available, starting with E:


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