Op 9-10-2011 20:53, Eduardo Casino schreef:
> Hi Bernd,

> If you are running under VMware, it is a 586+. Have you tested what
> happens when yoy try to execute it in a real 286 or earlier? My old
> 80186 died quite a few years ago. VMSMOUNT is useless in real
> hardware, but I can add a processor test if it crashes the machine.

I've got no ancient machines anymore, sorry. Started with a 386SX.
http://www.picofactory.com/free/software/pc-xt-emulator/  might do the 
trick, though I'm currently not able to get that working with the 180KB 
FreeDOS floppy I've got. Perhaps I'm accidentally using a 386+ kernel.

The reason I bring this issue up is people might use generic/universal 
bootdisks (or flashdrives nowadays, hehe), including your program in a 
batchscript as one of the earliest run programs.

@echo off
if errorlevel 27 goto noshare
set drives=A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
for %%x in ( %drives% ) do if errorlevel H%%x set vmshare=%%x:
echo Running on 586+ platform inside VMware, Shared Folders: %vmshare%
goto end
echo Definately not running under a VMware environment with enabled
echo Shared Folders.
goto end

> LOADHIGH should do the trick, I suppose...

Hope so, haven't been able to verify yet. Only noticed about 300 bytes 
or so in UMB while the other 15K stay in low memory.

> The drive letter assignment is:
> * If drive letter is specified, use it or fail if it is already in use.
> * If no drive letter is specified, use the first available, starting with E:

ah that's good to know. No danger of occupying drive C: then.

By the way, I'm able to load VMSMOUNT (0.3) twice somehow, by having it 
loaded at top of autoexec.bat, then other drivers, then running VMSMOUNT 
again at commandline.

> Best,
> Eduardo


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