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2011/10/10 Tom Ehlert <t...@drivesnapshot.de>:
> "push gs" and "push fs" are issued by the keyword "interrupt" and
> compiling with 386 optimization.

Without 386 optimization, "interrupt" generates similar code, but
"push gs" and "push fs" are changed by dummy pushes ("push ax", IIRC)
so everything else is in the same place in the stack.

>> I've added a CPU test to the "master" branch of the GIT repository and
>> made a test release.
> at his time, the startup code has already executed, which *might* have
> executed 80286+ instructions, depending on the runtime library

The startup code is the same when generating a 16bit executable
regardless of the CPU switch you use for compiling and does not
contain 80286+ code. However, as I'm compiling "main.c" with the
pentium switch, you are right and this may generate 286+ instructions
before executing the CPU test. If this is the case, using the "-0"
switch just for main.c should work and the unoptimized code will be
limited to the transient part of the program.


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