Hi Jack,

> driver, I issue 28-bit commands for up to 28-bit addresses,
> while I issue 48-bitters for larger addresses.   Runs fine!

I meant if the BIOS only sees the first 2^N sectors and
the partition table describes more than that, UIDE will
probably not modify the BIOS-reported disk size: So on
one side, UIDE could help DOS to access more of a disk
than the BIOS, but on the other, that might be unsafe...


PS: LBACACHE does treat access beyond 2^32 sectors as a
flush event and will not cache the additional sectors.
Of course MBR based partitions cannot go > 2^32 either.

PPS: What do you think about using Ontrack/Ezdrive style
load-before-kernel drivers to map from 4k to 512 sectors?

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