Hi, Bernd!

>> should I try posting to the "kernel" or "developers" lists instead ?

> Truth is we're not sure, this 4K sector size thing comes in several 
> versions:
> 1) emulation with aligned 512byte sector emulation
> 2) emulation with non-aligned 512byte sector emulation
> 3) native 4K (especially USB bridges apparently)

DOS however shouldn't have problems with options #1 & 2. Number 3 is what I'm 
concerned with.

>> In other words, this is asking what the plan is for the FreeDOS kernel >> to 
>> be able to mount mass storage devices having 4 kilobytes per sector ?

> If the disk has traditional BIOS partitioning layout (MBR, 
> primary/logical partitions with FAT16/FAT32 filesystems) then it might 
> be possible for the kernel to work with this as long as it is a data 

But not so until some changes are made to the kernel I guess - unless I am 
mistaken, FreeDOS (and MSDOS as well) /assume/ hard disk sectors are 512 bytes. 
To change this requires reading the real sector sizes from the medium (BPB), 
also DOS buffers need to be enlarged to accomodate bigger sectors.

> Booting from a partition without 512byte sector-size is probably 
> more challenging,

Will require a 4k-byte-sector aware BIOS (or BIOS 'overlay'), I presume. Anyway 
booting is not a specific (Free)DOS problem, and not what I'm talking about.

> let alone guarantee file(-system) integrity and disk 
manipulating (defragmentation programs, filesystem checkers like CHKDSK 

Correct. But first things first, let's attack the kernel - adapting utilities 
comes later.

> GPT partitioning scheme isn't supported at all (nor is EFI/UEFI without 
BIOS emulation).

With 4-kbyte sectors a partitionned disk can get as large as 16 terabytes and 
still use MBR... there's room left before GPT becomes a problem :=)

> freedos-kernel would be most appropriate list as the developers on there 
> have most expertise. However they're also the ones who are rarely 
> present due to other interests or obligations, so getting answers can 
> take a while.

> You could also try freedos-devel for this specific technical question 
> but answers might take as long as getting answers on the users list. 
> People usually don't answer if they don't have the correct answer, thus 
> things stay quiet for a while.

OK, I am not going to disturb the more specialised lists yet. I'll assume and I 
hope we'll get word from the interested developer(s) on this here list as soon 
as he/they have something to say about the question.

 Thank you for the kind reply.


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