Op 14-1-2012 23:23, Eric Auer schreef:

> Talking about new ways of booting, it would be very interesting to
> have a CD / DVD / BD boot loader for DOS. However, after you loaded
> the kernel, you still need some "initrd" from which you can load a
> CD/... driver pair like UIDE + SHSUCDX or ...CDROM + MSCDEX. As we
> use MEMDISK (a bootable RAMDISK which can be loaded by any bootmenu
> which can load Linux) for that now anyway, the only gain would be a
> little bit of memory saving: Instead of booting a ramdisk, the boot
> loader itself would somehow give access to a FAT diskimage on CD/...

How about this? :

Unfortunately I've got no idea how it technically works, or how it would 
apply to DOS. Perhaps a bootsector with hardcoded sector address for the 
FreeDOS kernel, just like Syslinux uses for its LDLINUX.SYS

I wouldn't mind the extra flexibility, as some people like 
harddisk-style emulation instead of CD.

label ramhdd
# load hybrid as virtual partitioned HDD, contents is read-only FAT?
linux memdisk
initrd hybrid.iso

# load hybrid ISO as virtual CD, contents is read-only ISO9660
label ramiso
linux memdisk
initrd hybrid.iso
append iso

Now how exactly did we end up on the users list with all this technical 
mumbo jumbo?

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