At 04:47 AM 3/11/2012, Zbigniew wrote:
>Yesterday I've found another related thing: while trying to test my
>soundcard with several games, I discovered, that "Civilization" has
>quite the same issue with FreeDOS: when ran under configuration
>"JEMMEX + 4DOS" it works very slowly (I'm using Sempron 2 GHz as CPU),
>playing the background music at about half a speed, and playing its
>animations so slowly, like it were run on 386SX16 or so. When switched
>to "XMGR + COMMAND.COM", it's playing the music quite normally, and
>the game animations (moving "unit icons" from tile to tile etc.) are
>fast, as can be expected while using 2 GHz CPU.
>I've got a feeling, there is something worthy a fix.

Still not sure why 4DOS would be causing it (if using that alone, 
without JEMMEX), but as I suggested in a off-list reply to a question 
that Eric Auer send me, the fact that sound output is effected as 
well, this seems kind of confirm my suspicion on how JEMM is handling 
IN/OUT statements when in protected mode, or something along those lines...


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