2012/3/11, Bernd Blaauw <bbla...@home.nl>:

> Please let us know if/when you're able to pinpoint a culprit.
> You might want to start with a MSDOS/Win9x bootdisk (www.bootdisk.com)
> to eliminate FreeDOS components as the culprit, and to have a proven
> reference platform.

Just finished first tests: under original DOS 6.22 there are no
problems neither when using EMM386 as memory manager, nor with HIMEM.

However there _are_ problems, when using 4DOS (tested newest 8.0
version) as a command shell, instead of DOS' original command.com.
Then in my opinion it's a proof, that 4DOS is (at least in certain
situations) doing something bad.

BTW: the machine had no sound hardware; the problem arose although I
choose "No sounds, please" option. DX-Forth also made twice as long
delays, when 4DOS was chosen.

More test results follow soon...

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