On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 4:27 AM, Jack <gykazequ...@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>> We need NO more "hardware", CERTAINLY NOT any damned 64-bitters
>>> having 64-GB of memory, when in fact Intel/Microsoft never REALLY
>>> learned to use 32-bit or even 16-bit systems all that well! ...
>> I agree, but nobody else does ... Perhaps you should read what
>> Niklaus Wirth had to say back in 1995, "Plea for Lean Software".
>> Unfortunately, it seems that nobody listened.
> I did read Wirth's comments, and he is essentially correct, although he
> LOST my attention by making his project specific for his needs,

Well, the big problem is that there are too many derivatives, and it's
hard to get it booting (at least for me). Also, yeah, it pretty much
assumes you do everything its own unique way, which can be a bit too
weird sometimes. (His initial 32-bit Ceres machine back in 1986 was
something like 4 MB of RAM and 40 MB hard disk, not exactly a behemoth
like these days.)

> e.g. it includes an object-oriented language (YECCH to me, even more than 
> "C").

In fairness, Oberon is basically very very similar to Modula-2, so the
OOP stuff is very minimal and completely optional, so you don't have
to use it at all. It definitely does not force you to cram everything
inside a class with methods.

> And I agree, nobody listened -- Microsoft had to continue "feeding" its
> 1500 Win/NT programmers and its maybe 500 DOS programmers at that time!
> They remind me of the old Jason Robards and Barbara Harris movie titled
> "A Thousand Clowns"!

Too big for their britches, perhaps. Too focused on money, too trendy.
But what can you do, that's what sells. I guess it's too naive to
expect most people to focus more on technology for its own sake rather
than commercial reasons.

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