On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 3:34 PM, Alex <alxm...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The discussion is getting interesting. I have changed the subject of
> this thread to Programming languages in FreeDOS, if you dont't mind.
> What, in your view, are the best production-ready languages currently
> available to FreeDOS users?
> By production-ready I also mean that they must have a minimal set of
> libraries...

This would take too long to answer. We could discuss this for weeks
without barely scratching the surface. In fact, I've debated with
myself whether to bring it up recently but always gave up as being too

For the record, I'm far from a pro, far from very experienced, but I
have been quite interested in various DOS compilers for a while, so
I've searched for lots of them. And having had iBiblio upload access
for a year or so (thanks to Jim), I've updated it a bit (though more
still needs to be done, and gotta watch out for licenses!). You could
look there:


Also see Gautier's "Transparent Language Popularity Index" (updated each month):


P.S. I have tons more to say about this topic, but barring any
specific queries (Alex: Lua is already ported to DJGPP, but maybe
LuaJIT also works? dunno), I'll keep quiet ... for now.   ;-)

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