> I am so happy that there is something like FreeDos available, even for  
> free, that I can play around with. As I usually pretty soon run into  
> very strange challenges for (any) software - some people say, that every  
> computer that sees me for the first time, simply crashes, simply for  
> this fact - I do not want to expect from the developers that they care  
> about my issues by changing their baby. If there is a way to work around  
> the issue, that's fine for me ...

Should NOT be a question of "changing their baby", since if the VirtualBox
people had done a PROPER job of "emulation", neither they nor I would need
to worry about changes.

However, I have now seen that VirtualBox (A) "times out" if UIDE tests for
SATA/IDE drives using their ICH9 logic, (B) doesn't post a diskette "media
change" flag, and God-knows what else!!   "Backward compatibility" must be
something they never have heard of, same as Microsoft proves with each new
issue of "Vista" or whatever it is called today!

Be-advised that UIDE does not have logic to "flush" its cache for specific
drives; it can only flush its ENTIRE cache when a diskette/CD/DVD changes,
or when the user issues a "CC" command (clear cache) to my CC.COM program.
"CC" issues a BIOS reset to all hard disks, useful if one wishes to verify
data written to a disk.   So, a "workaround" for you, if you must ever use
multiple diskettes in VirtualBox with UIDE again, is to issue "CC" if your
diskette must be changed.   This will "flush" UIDE's cache and prevent the
"same diskette" problem from occurring.

Jack R. Ellis

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