> I was about to post bugreport at VirtualBox bugtracker, but decided to
> double-check the issue first. On my system floppy images change are
> correctly recognized. VirtualBox 4.1.4-3.2.3 OSE OpenSUSE 12.1.

The "issue" is that VirtualBox is not posting diskette media-change
status in the BIOS data table.   So a cache (like UIDE/UIDE2), that
needs to know when a new diskette is loaded, is NOT being notified,
and the cache will continue to provide data for the PRIOR diskette!
If only the VirtualBox diskette driver is used (no cache), there is
no problem.   To use a cache, or any "subordinate" diskette driver,
posting the BIOS media-change status for a diskette MUST be done by

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