At 11:33 AM 5/23/2012, Jack wrote:
>And certainly, it is not impossible to cache floppies.    Before the
>debut of VirtualBox, UIDE/UIDE2 had done so successfully, for years,
>without any complaints at all!

Jack, PLEASE, don't pull yourself up on the "VirtualBox" issue, it is 
rather a more general problem.

You simply rely on the contents of the memory region rather than than 
properly query system via INT13. And that isn't adding much to the 
logic and overall size of your drivers compared to the indiscriminate 
reliance on the validity of the BIOS data area.

Yes, this will be more likely an issue with a(ny) virtual machine 
setup than with a "real iron" box, but then querying the DOS 
interrupt would rather help for example to make use of the floppy 
drive caching in a system with more than 2 floppy drives...


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