Jack-181 wrote:
> I will NOT cache a drive which cannot tell me when its media has changed,
> and I REFUSE to add all of the
> logic in UIDE that Eric notes the DOS kernel contains, to find out if a
> media-change has occurred using other methods!

It's not impossible to cache floppies, Jack.  You just need to do it
differently than you're doing now.

Probably the simplest thing you can do is an "indirect collaboration" with
DOS.  You can simply ignore the hardware change line completely, like DOS
basically does.  The only time DOS should try to access the boot sector
(sector 0 on a floppy) is when it's trying to figure out if the media has
changed or not, and you can use that as a signal to flush the cache entries
for that disk.  You could even go a step further and compare the cached
sector 0 and the new one to see if the disk has really changed or not, and
not flush the cache if it hasn't, but I'm sure that's "too complicated" for
you to implement.

I can't think of a scenario where that wouldn't solve the problem.  The only
potential issue I can see is if the disk has an MBR or GPT at sector 0
instead of a boot sector, but that shouldn't ever happen on a floppy.
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