At 12:31 PM 5/23/2012, Jack wrote:
>As I just got through noting, in another post, why would the BIOS
>data include diskette change-line flags if they were NOT intended
>to be USED??
>Until someone can positively REFUTE the data offered by the BIOS
>Central data-table list, my opinion is that neither you nor any-
>one else can say Int 13h is better or 40:xx is "coffee grounds"!

There is no need to refute anything, it all comes down to the very 
simple fact that IBM documented the mentioned INT13h BIOS calls, 
while vast areas of the BIOS data segment simply are not!!!

Comes to show that you are just out to prove another old engineering 
truth, "good is the enemy of great".

Just as Tom mentioned, this is all going nowhere, "Du hast Recht und 
ich hab meine Ruhe"... :-(


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