> Two apps do not run using the first boot option JEMMEX:
> - Borland Pascal 7
> runtime exception 000E, which made me first think about the
> fast-CPU-problem, but this installation was patched already.
> during web research I found something mentioning XMS memory size.
> The PC has got 384 MB of RAM.
> - Xtree Pro
> Pressing Ctrl-Break prints a Jemmex exception.
> Using EMM386 it stops on startup, but continues.

Do both run if you do not load any EMM driver at all?

Do X=a000-ffff or similar EMM options help? If so, it
is possible that your  hardware or  firmware does not
report some areas that should not be used as UMB, but
manually excluding that area would help. The suggested
X option excludes everything UMB, it is only to test.

> during bootup.
> Which means, I do not see freedos coming up, no freedos boot menu.
> After haevy reserach I solved the problem by switching grub to text mode...
> but maybe you could add a mode switch to the beginning of boot up?

Yes, you could use SCREEN=3 in (fd)config.sys or
you could use MODE CO80 or similar later... :-)

> What I am missing is a set of gnu utils, one knows from Linux.
> Is there a package available somewhere?

for example txt20b.zip = textutils 2.0 ... :-)


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