At 09:27 PM 6/6/2012, Rugxulo wrote:
>BP 7.01 (see file times) should? already be patched for the runtime
>200 error.

No, there was never an 'official' patch from Borland, for any version 
of Borland Pascal 7...

>No idea why you would have a runtime error. You mean running
>BP7-compiled apps? Compiler itself? BPC.EXE? Or the IDE?

Before mentioned runtime error effects only compiled programs that 
utilize the CRT unit. The IDE/compiler itself and compiled programs 
that do not use the stock CRT unit are not effected by that runtime 
error 200 problem.

>384 MB should be plenty for DPMI 16-bit, but maybe it's "too much"??

Certainly not. I have the BP7 (and BC++3.01) IDE running on hosts 
with 512 and 768MB of RAM with no issue (not on a FreeDOS system though)..

>You could try limiting (or increasing) memory handles for XMS
>or (EMS?) "MAX". (IIRC, BP7 can access up to 128 MB on suitable 386+
>machines, but I'm not sure of the details.)

see above...


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