1GB sounds really big. I remember some games had troubles detecting memory 
above a certain amount, due to some kind of overflowing in their mem counters. 
I'd suggest trying to set a more classic amount of ram on your vbox machine... 
Like 64MB or so.

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Louis Santillan <lpsan...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm having trouble running an old favorite DOS game that requires EMS
>inside of VirtualBox (Sierra Front Page Sports Football Pro 95).  The
>game requires 576K Conventional RAM, and 2MB EMS.  I've configured
>VirtualBox to have 1GB and installed FPS FB Pro 95 to a 32GB FAT32
>drive with FreeDOS 1.1.  Booting into Option 2, mem/c reports
>610K/13K/0K/1GB/32M of Conventional/Upper/Reserved/XMS/EMS free.
>Running the command to start the game, FPS FB Pro 95 halts, reporting
>that it found 610K Conventional and 0K EMS available.  I've tried
>various options on jemmex/jemm386, changes to fdconfig.sys, and
>changes to VirtualBox but none seem to get FPS FB Pro 95 to recognize
>the available EMS.

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