Op 18-9-2012 8:05, Louis Santillan schreef:
> I verified the game won't run with 64M, 32M, & 16M.  They all fail
> with the EMS error.  Added LOAD to the JEMMEX line as well.  No
> positive effect.  Host is an Apple Mac Mini 2.3GHz C2D with 16GB RAM
> running the latest Virtual Box 4.2.  The VM is configured with VT-X.
> *If* you're interested, you can find out more about the game here
> (http://www.fbpro-online.com/).

Easiest way usually is to try with a Windows / MSDOS (boot)disk and see 
if the operating system and associated drivers (HIMEM/EMM386) are 
compatible with your application/game.

Afterwards you might try replacing the memory drivers (HIMEMX, JEMM386 
or JEMMEX) and even shell (COMMAND.COM) or kernel (KERNEL.SYS instead of 

This way you're able to verify if your game works at all under the OS 
that the game should work on anyway (MSDOS).

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