Op 21-9-2012 0:20, Louis Santillan schreef:
> Wayback when ('94/'95), I had this running perfectly fine on MS DOS
> 6.22, Win95, Win98 (boot to DOS).

Then get it working again like this, and additionally/optionally swap 
out components (memory drivers, shell, kernel) to see which the culprit 
is. Despite all the progress in alternative DOS flavors like DR-DOS and 
FreeDOS, behaviour of hardware/software still needs to be checked 
against the de-facto standard reference operating system MS-DOS.

Sites like www.bootdisk.com could be usefull. When lacking a real 
floppydrive, WinImage might help to extract the self-extracting content 
(open WinImage, and browse from within there for the win98se.exe and see 
contents, then extract to a directory).

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