Merhaba Thraex,

I decided to forward your message to the FreeDOS-devel mailing list.

It is clear, now, that the problem lies in the REGIONAL.BAT installer. First, the FreeDOS installer looked for the turkish Q layout on KEYBRD3.SYS, which is wrong. Now, it looks for it on KEYBOARD.SYS, which is also wrong. Both turkish layouts are on KEYBRD2.SYS.

Also, there are references to *.KL files on the batch installer which should be removed.

I imagine that, since the bulk of FreeDOS users seem to be savvy DOS users, they themselves fix the incorrectly generated AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Again, I ask to whoever is in charge for the installer to fix it. I will be always available to help, if necessary.

Thanks for your feedback, Thraex.


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Just wanted to let you and the list know that I completely deleted my
previous VirtualBox install (and FreeDOS with it) and reinstalled
everything on Ubuntu 10.04.4 amd64. Allocated a bit more RAM a bit less
disk space to FreeDOS but no changes other than that...

...except that now even when I choose 59 Turkey Qwerty, I get a good old
US QWERTY layout, not the Turkish one. Why? I don't have the slightest
idea. When I type KEYB TR, here's what I get:

FreeDOS KEYB 2.01 -  (c) Aitor Santamaria Merino - GNU GPL 2.0
Keyboard layout   : C:\FDOS\BIN\KEYBOARD.SYS
Specified file does not contain information for this layout/id

Other than that, the previous error messages I had mentioned are still
there. (On my previous install, the country code 19 during the
installation which I suppose was for the Turkish F layout got me a US
QWERTY but although I got error messages, the country code 59 had the
correct Turkish QWERTY layout. Now I get US QWERTY for both of them).

It looks like this feature will need some testing when it's fixed. I can
happily volunteer for that, feel free to drop me an e-mail whenever you
need a tester.
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