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> I have a single 40GB disk and I need its first partition for other
> purposes, so I want to install FreeDOS on the second partition of the
> disk (that's the last 1GB of the disk, BTW). The process seems to be
> the same as if chose the first partition, but when I'm finished,
> FreeDOS won't boot. It will boot indeed if I install it on the first
> partition.

> Regarding the boot method, I honestly don't know the differences
> between the boot methods presented at the end of the installation
> process. I've chosen between 1 and 2, with no results (I haven't tried
> 3 and 4).

> Is it possible to install FreeDOS on the second partition at all or is
> it mandatory to use the first partition? If it's possible, what do I
> have to do to make it boot?

What boots when you turn it on depends on the content of the MBR. With 
generic DOS-compatible code in the first part of the MBR, what boots depends 
on a flag in the last part of the MBR containing the partition table. The 
bootable flag needs to be moved from the first partition's entry there to the 
second one's entry. Without other software, once you do that, the first 
partition will no longer be bootable unless the flag is moved back.

To work around this several solutions are available involving either 
replacing the MBR code and/or installing a boot manager and/or reconfiguring 
one already present in a current installation to present a menu at boot time 
to choose what to boot. What you would then have is a multi-boot system, 
meaning a system with two, three or more operating systems installed and 

Any number of utilities, including FDISK, can quickly and simply move the 
bootable flag. Some call it "make startable" or "make active" or "activate".

More info: http://fm.no-ip.com/PC/partitioningindex.html
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