2013/4/21 Felix Miata <mrma...@earthlink.net>

> On 2013-04-21 15:48 (GMT+0200) Aleve Sicofante composed:
> > I have a single 40GB disk and I need its first partition for other
> > purposes, so I want to install FreeDOS on the second partition of the
> > disk (that's the last 1GB of the disk, BTW). The process seems to be
> > the same as if chose the first partition, but when I'm finished,
> > FreeDOS won't boot. It will boot indeed if I install it on the first
> > partition.
> > Regarding the boot method, I honestly don't know the differences
> > between the boot methods presented at the end of the installation
> > process. I've chosen between 1 and 2, with no results (I haven't tried
> > 3 and 4).
> > Is it possible to install FreeDOS on the second partition at all or is
> > it mandatory to use the first partition? If it's possible, what do I
> > have to do to make it boot?
> What boots when you turn it on depends on the content of the MBR. With
> generic DOS-compatible code in the first part of the MBR, what boots
> depends
> on a flag in the last part of the MBR containing the partition table. The
> bootable flag needs to be moved from the first partition's entry there to
> the
> second one's entry. Without other software, once you do that, the first
> partition will no longer be bootable unless the flag is moved back.
> To work around this several solutions are available involving either
> replacing the MBR code and/or installing a boot manager and/or
> reconfiguring
> one already present in a current installation to present a menu at boot
> time
> to choose what to boot. What you would then have is a multi-boot system,
> meaning a system with two, three or more operating systems installed and
> bootable.
> Any number of utilities, including FDISK, can quickly and simply move the
> bootable flag. Some call it "make startable" or "make active" or
> "activate".
> More info: http://fm.no-ip.com/PC/partitioningindex.html

Thanks Felix, so it doesn't matter which choice I select in the last
installation step? I'm referring to the last step you can see on this
What choice from 1 to 5 should I select?

My first partition is NOT a bootable OS partition, so I understand I should
install some boot manager like grub or something like that?

Thanks again.
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