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> I created two PRIMARY partitions: a 39GB one and a 1GB one. I marked the
> second partition as Active. I did all this using the tools provided in the
> FreeDOS CD. After partitioning and rebooting, I proceeded with the
> installation of FreeDOS to the second partition. I must say the installer
> didn't like the partition I created, showed lots of errors and offered to
> recreate the partition (this happened every single time I did the
> installation, and that's at least 10 times...). I agreed with the
> installer's suggestion, the partition was recreated and the process
> continued. At some point I could read "Syntax error" (white letters at the
> top left on an empty blue screen) during the installation. That happened,
> again, every single time I tried installing, but it didn't seem to affect
> the whole procedure.

There could be a boot to boot partition "geometry" inconsistency impact 
described here, also maybe influenced or caused by VE-300 emulation firmware 
when using it. Common geometries are:

CHS: * 255 63 (mostly used with desktop system BIOS)
CHS: * 240 63 (mostly used with laptop system BIOS, but often also Compaq 
MiB cyl: * 64 32 (required for maximum performance for 4k sector aka 
"advanced format" HDs)

I've never tried to put any portion of a bootable DOS partition above 8GB. I 
don't know if it's possible, and even if it is possible to place it more than 
32G (or even 8G) from the front of a HD, it may require * 255 63 or * 240 63 
partitioning geometry to reach it.
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