> I don't have this problem... Neither on the linux build, nor on the
> windows build (tested right now via virtualbox)

probably you have > 3 GHz CPU

> Keypresses are queued indeed, and I purposely don't 'eat them away'
> because it allows to play in advance (esp. useful when moving an atom
> around, so I can press all directions, and wait until the atom reaches
> its destination).

I don't understand ... but could you eat away "all but 2" or
"all but 1 very last keypress" to keep it useful for you and
fix the BUG on slow CPU ?

> My theory is that on your system, it takes more time to draw the
> moving-box animation than it takes SDL to repeat the keypress.. the only
> reason I can see why this would happen is because of lack of performance

That's what I suspected too

> noticed any CPU usage spike when playing?

I have a constant power CPU fan, impossible to detect "CPU usage spike" :-(

> But of course I'll happily accept any patches, should anyone get the
> motivation to make the game noticeably smaller.

Optimizing the PNG's would be pretty trivial (and fast on your CPU) ;-)

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