> I think that FreeDOS should also be more "bit-exact" and mention
> "(only 32 bit useable due to MBR partitioning schema limitations)"
> along with the LBA48 comment.   Might also create feedback from
> people who want to help to implement or test GPT partitions :-)

"Zounds good" to me!

> There is indeed a dilemma about whether to call MS DOS 7 a DOS
> or not.   AFAIK it was never available separately ...

If you go to <> and download their 2-diskette
V7.10 MS-DOS set, then write both diskettes and do an "install" of
then (omitting actually writing IO.SYS, MS-DOS.SYS, etc.), you will
note it "Sure LOOKS like!" a system which was once "available" from
our much-admired "Gates & Co."!!

> Wengier Wu's MS-DOS 7 variant has a licensing issue ...

"So what??", as I noted in my prior post.   At least 18 years have
gone by since Gates & Co. declared "DOS is dead!", and no lawyers
I know of have EVER gone-after any V7.10 users and providers!

> LZ-DOS according to my google translate of is
> only a kernel, freeware provided as-is by JSC. Can be used with
> the userspace tools and drivers of other DOS variants, and
> generally sounds interesting.

Which is why the above website I noted may in fact be more help!

>> Luchezar Georgiev offered his multi-DOS "boot" diskette, with an
>> "LZ-DOS" option.   "LZ-DOS" is really V7.10 MS-DOS as a "VER" ...
> You mean LZ DOS is an improved rip of the MS DOS 7 kernel? ...

No, it is more likely only a "renamed" copy of V7.10's kernel, as
it functions identically to the kernel in Wengier's files.

>> I believe Lucho's or Wengier's V7.1 MS-DOS systems can still be down-
>> loaded from Internet sources.   They are NOT "bundled" with Win/95 or
>> any other DOS Windows system.   Lucho's and Wengier's systems provide
>> an "independent" V7.1 MS-DOS, which is still very useful.
> That is not a very good proof of MS DOS being available stand-alone.
> Ignoring licenses, I could upload any arbitrary subset of files from
> any commercial operating system and then claim that this subset is
> available as individual operating system online... So while you are
> correct - even Windows 9x provides a button to make a DOS boot disk
> on floppy - that DOS 7.x CAN be installed separately, I would still
> not advertise it as a recommended DOS-with-LBA on the FreeDOS page.

I am not recommending that FreeDOS "advertise" or support ANY other
DOS variants -- I am simply saying that V7.10 MS-DOS is in fact still
available, as at-least the website I note above should prove to you.

> It would be fair to mention on our homepage that "the DOS subsystem
> of Win 9x, also called MS DOS 7" does have support for LBA, though.

"Zounds good", also!

>> I believe the FreeDOS "main page" should be made a bit more ACCURATE!
> I agree!

AMAZING, you and I finally DO agree on something!   "Saints be praised"!

Jack R. Ellis

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