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>> Wengier Wu's MS-DOS 7 variant has a licensing issue ...
> "So what??", as I noted in my prior post.   At least 18 years have
> gone by since Gates & Co. declared "DOS is dead!", and no lawyers
> I know of have EVER gone-after any V7.10 users and providers!

I'm only halfway joking, but how many lawyers do you know of,
exactly?? So your experience is limited, like most of us. Absence of
proof is not proof. Like I said, China probably has different laws, so
there's less of a risk to them than us.

Just because it isn't sold directly anymore isn't enough of a reason.
That's not how copyright works. I don't know who came up with the
current scheme. Certainly it will change a billion more times because
nobody is ever happy, but as is, it's certainly not giving us a lot of

> I am not recommending that FreeDOS "advertise" or support ANY other
> DOS variants -- I am simply saying that V7.10 MS-DOS is in fact still
> available, as at-least the website I note above should prove to you.

Not a reliable source. The built-in DOS floppy image I mentioned
earlier, even in modern Windows, is a more official source. But that's
(AFAIK) only available to current Windows licensees, so you can't
redistribute it.

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