>> You may not consider it reliable, and Dennis may have some odd
>> problem accessing it, but that website <>
>> did give me, on 5-Dec-2013, a working 2-diskette copy of V7.10
>> which I was able to "install" on my system ...
> Do a ping, whois, traceroute, or nslookup on it.   Tell me what
> you get.

Wish I could, but I have none of those on my system.   Fact is, I
DETEST the Internet -- I remember when it was totally "free", and
absolutely NOT as "commercial" as it is now!   DISGUSTING, to me,
that almost all "news" URLs now force you to receive 500K or more
of damned ADVERTISEMENTS, BEFORE you get one word of "news"!   My
system is still dial-up which saves "BIG BUCKS" for retirees like
me, and I often ABANDON such miserable websites BEFORE they deign
to offer me useful items!   I use the Bloody Internet mainly as a
vehicle for E-Mail.   NO personal website, and I do not want one.

>> The 2-diskette installation set for V7.10 MS-DOS, available on
>> that site, does work well, and it rather STRONGLY suggests its
>> "installer" was written by Microsoft.
> Like I said, it's also available from the last crawl
> if others have the same difficulty I did.

Good to know.   I can also imagine that you and I may be on two
different "legs" of the Internet.   Perhaps your "leg" does not
handle websites in Bulgaria the same as mine does.

> I don't think anyone here believes we shouldn't be guided by our
> own conscience in what we choose to download/use.

With which I agree, and so we should "Let this subject GO!" without
many more words about it.

> What will be argued about is what the FreeDOS Project should link to
> on it's website.   I am quite certain Jim Hall would not want a link
> to the site.

And I am NOT asking for that, either!   I reference that site only
as an example that V7.10 MS-DOS is still available.

>> And re: your comment that "You can't 'freely' download, modify
>> or redistribute any DOS besides FreeDOS", I can only say again
>> that the above website most-certainly DID work for me!
> Freely in this context is generally taken to include "legally".
> This isn't.   You may not *care*, but that doesn't change the
> legality.

I remain UNCONVINCED that the above site, or any others with that
same release of V7.10 MS-DOS, is in fact illegal.

Jack R. Ellis

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