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 MS-DOS works well with MS-HIMEM loaded by PXE the same way.
 FreeDOS just hangs while trying to load MS-HIMEM.
 Rugxulo, is that something that has happened before?
 I am not sure but this sounds vaguely familiar. The
 driver (from Win98-DOS?) might depend on some property
 of the Win98 / DOS boot loader and/or kernel here...

I've not really used MS-DOS in recent years. I know so-called "MS-DOS
8" auto-loads some kind of built-in XMS driver (bundled within IO.SYS
??), but it's not something I know the details of. I have never tried
to mix MS HIMEM with FreeDOS. Some combinations obviously won't play
as well together, just due to lack of testing (bugs) if nothing else.

For FreeDOS, I always stick to XMGR these days, although HIMEMX is the
traditional choice. Even (J)EMM386 has some compatibility issues with
some (buggy) third-party tools, so I don't load that by default
either. Actually, that may be your problem here, trying to use EMM386
and DOS/32A, they don't always play nice together.

I do not use EMM386 (JEMMX has been loaded with NOEMS option). I don't exactly remember why I've choosen DOS/32A instead of other extenders. It were depend on compatability with OpenWatcom build. It was three years ago. Need to check.


 FreeDOS loads HIMEMX fine with DOS=LOW, but any DOS/32A application has
 failed with memory corruption error (6004).
 At least it loads - that gives the possibility to try some
 of the HIMEMX command line options to see if any of those
 fixes the memory corruption...

Which DOS32A.EXE? 9.1.2 or older 7.x (still bundled with OpenWatcom)?
You could also (presumably) try one of the other "mostly" compatible
replacements, e.g. Causeway (CWSTUB.EXE) or PMODE/W or D3X instead. No
guarantees, though, but presumably they may not have the same bugs.
(Actually, doesn't DOS/32A prefer its own DPMI over VCPI? Yeah, that's
a whole other mess, trying to see what it prefers or tries to use and
in what order.)

I use the latest one 9.1.2 and rebuild curl with my specific options. Here is my DOS utils repo:
 FreeDOS + JEMMEX (NOEMS) loads fine, DOS32/A app (curl) works fine, but
 "bupdater" from Asus has failed as I've posted screenshort early.

Your CURL.EXE uses DOS/32A? Did you build it yourself? I'm not aware
of any public builds of Curl aside from an old DJGPP one on Doug
Kaufmann's page (which of course doesn't use DOS/32A, only CWSDPMI or


Yes, I did, because I need to build very specific configuration. I'm avoiding DJGPP and it's CWSDPMI, cause' trying to minimize a resulting environment.

(Yes, that's a DJGPP build and comes with CWSDPMI.)

 Note that if you use JEMMEX, it will only switch the real A20
 at special moments, mostly during start. From the application
 side, it will simulate the A20 by changing 386+ memory maps.

JEMM is kinda weird. I'm not sure it's totally safe by default. Well,
anyways, I always use "X=TEST I=TEST" just to be sure. I don't really
understand the details, you'd have to ask Japheth (or search the BTTR
Forums, maybe he mentioned it somewhere, dunno).

 I can try to load FreeDOS from USB stick instead of PXE.
 That might also be interesting, yes.

You mean like via RUFUS (bare bones) install?      http://rufus.akeo.ie/

Something like that but running from Linux.
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