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* Maybe your BIOS is configured to support "legacy USB" methods
* to let DOS access USB keyboard or mouse without USB drivers?
* In that case, the BIOS can spend quite a lot of time to deal
* with the USB controller. Try using USB keyboard and mouse. To
* be on the safe side, leave the legacy USB support on anyway,
* it will not waste much time if no devices are active and you
* may need it to navigate the BIOS CMOS setup config dialog :-)
- My BIOS was configured to support "legacy USB"... So I tried to
 replace PS/2 keyboard and mouse with USB devices. It didn't help at
 AutoCAD drawing regeneration speed but....
- You wrote that "the BIOS can spend a lot of time to deal with the
  USB controller". I understand this means dealing with USB devices
 that does'nt exist....?.
- Legacy USB support was on at testing. If I try it off and end up
 into trouble with BIOS setup so I guess I can force POWER OFF on
 switch and then at next start PS/2 keyboard should work again..?

    Regards, Rauno Ollila

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