from dmccunney:

"Mister, you're a better man than I."

> I migrated to Windows and Linux long ago.  There are still a few old
> DOS apps I use, and I'm currently playing with a fork of DOSBox called
> vDos under 64 bit Windows to run them.  I play with FreeDOS for fun
> and to keep my hand in.  I haven't tried to use DOS as my production
> OS for over 25 years.  Too much of what I do now simply can't be done
> in DOS, and some that can is simply more trouble to do it that way
> than it's worth.
> If what you have suits your needs, more power to you.  It would not suit mine.

I understand what you mean.

I still have and use Quattro Pro 5 for DOS but am migrating to Gnumeric.

I can't run FreeDOS or any other DOS from hard drive because of GPT; only way 
is if I can install to a USB stick using FAT32 and get that to boot.

I can't access the Internet from DOS because of lack of driver for modern 
Ethernet chip.  Conceivably I could boot FreeDOS by NFS and even run from big 
ext4fs partition.

I use FreeBSD and NetBSD now, plan to build installations for Linux and Haiku.

Even if I could access the Internet from FreeDOS booting through NFS, 
applications are far behind what is available for Linux and the BSDs, meaning 
essentially an exercise in frustration.

Main purpose for accessing the Internet from FreeDOS would be to see if it's 

I never heard of vDos fork of DOSBox, can't find it in either FreeBSD ports or 
NetBSD pkgsrc, emulators category.


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