Hi Mateusz,

as far as I know, UIDE now supports harddisk and CDROM/DVD/BD
with IDE and SATA controllers, but not in AHCI mode*. Also, I
am not aware of any other DOS AHCI driver. What you can do is
using the BIOS as driver: This is normal for harddisks, but
only works for CD/DVD when you boot from them (ElTorito mode).

If your computer has only UEFI without BIOS compatibility, you
can not use DOS at all anyway. You can still load a module for
UEFI to add BIOS support, but that is probably too complicated
for normal users. I would like to know how the status is there.

I doubt that Jack is interested in GCDROM feedback, as he has
even made the newest members of the UIDE family closed source.

Another interesting thing that I have seen earlier in this
thread is that using a mobile phone as USB serial port modem
does not work yet, or at least not well. This would be worth
investigating further. Bret probably could help with USB :-)

Regards, Eric

* sometimes you can switch to classic SATA mode in your CMOS
BIOS setup, but AHCI is faster, as it allows NCQ and other
things for multi thread friendly I/O, so it is often default.

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