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> ... a solution to boot FreeDOS from a local Harddrive on a laptop. If you
> have any other solutions that would allow me to boot FreeDOS from a Hard
> Drive I would be interested in learning. Once again, I just want to boot
> FreeDOS from my Harddrive on a Centrino or Later model PC. I have linux on
> this PC. I do not want to share any memory with another Operating System.
> This is called 'Booting Native' as I understand terminology. I want to
> boot FreeDos Native and then maybe, just maybe, put Linux in a DOS Box of
> memory. Any other suggestions?

Do what most people do, create a multiboot PC. Partition the HD, put DOS on
one partition, and put Linux (and another Linux, and/or OS/2, and/or Windows,
and/or another Linux, yada) on as many partitions as you please. Most such
installations use Linux's Grub bootloader to chainload DOS or Windows, which
makes them act as though they were the only OS on the PC while booted. If
booted to Linux you have the option to run the DOS installation in a VM
without leaving Linux, but it's certainly not required to use virtualization
if you have multiboot. Maybe these will help:
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