On 4/23/2016 5:40 PM, Dale E Sterner wrote:
> Its not only MSdos 7.1 but other dos's that limit the uart speed
> to 9600 baud. The mode command doesn't go higher than 9600 baud.
> I use the dos copy command to send the .prn files to a bluetooth printer.
> At 9600 baud you can take a nice long coffee break while it prints.
> FREEDOS doesn't have a limit like that. What is the point of making
> fast uarts if the software holds you back.
Again, no DOS is limiting the capabilities of the UART, I don't have a 
working setup anymore since my last move, but I doubt that any DOS mode 
command is limited to just 9600 baud. And if push comes to shove, just 
use any terminal program to set the UART to a higher speed. Or use the 
FreeDOS mode command, it's the tool that would be limitation, not any 
form of DOS...

Just did only a very quick Google search and M$ themself list that least 
an option to set the baud rate to 19200 baud (speed parameter "19").


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