On Sat, Jun 18, 2016 at 2:53 PM, Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In case it hasn't already been made obvious, this is a warning for
> inexperienced users who (surprise!) would rather NOT wipe out their existing
> OS and data if all they want to do is play around and experiment with DOS.

> Perhaps it needs to mention that VMs (e.g. QEMU) are a much safer
> alternative.

Jim Hall responded:

> Yes, this warning exists because I received about a dozen complaints
> from very unhappy people after the 1.1 distribution. These people
> downloaded FreeDOS, went through the install process, and were
> surprised they had wiped out their Windows partition. So I put a note
> on the http://www.freedos.org/download/ page that let people know this
> might wipe out their C: drive. The complaints stopped after that, but
> it didn't seem to dent our number of downloads each week.
> I'm building the new website. I'll update the notice to encourage new
> users to install FreeDOS in a virtual machine.

Even better might be to install FreeDOS onto a USB stick.  User must still be 
sure to know where the installer is installing to, to avoid trashing something 
on the hard drive like a Windows installation.

I have no hard drive to install FreeDOS to, or for that matter ReactOS or even 
eComStation, because I use GPT on hard drives.

On the matter of FreeDOS suffering from hardware incompatibility with modern 
computers, that applies also to (open-source) ReactOS and (commercial 
closed-source and very outdated) eComStation. 


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