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> > There must be SOME browsers for DOS which can handle it!
>  You talk as if you know for sure there is one.
> Is this the case ?

Links (well ... 2.13 works after minimal tests, but not tested on
80386 with < 16 MiO RAM)

DOSLYNX (HTTPS works, but has some other flaws, hopefully needs less

> Want to browse the web with support for current standards?  Use a
> browser under Windows or a flavor of *nix.  (I'm in Firefox

FireFox 1 -> 4 MiO
FireFox 48 -> 50 MiO

The bloat increase is just incredible :-D and sure RAM and CPU
consumption grows too

I had FireFox pretty well working on my great Pentium 1 laptop with 64 MiO RAM
some years ago ... nowadays the Internet is on the limit of usability with
Pentium 3 and 256 MiO. When are they going to drop Pentium 3 and XP?
Can I have the good old paper mail of FreeDOS lists?

Also the Opera development after version 9 is shameful ... bloat, many
new "features"
(most of them useless), the absurd JavaScript "performance" race, notoriously
bad quality of releases (the infamous NO-SCRIPT-BUG ...) ... and killing their
native engine after version 12.

The world doesn't need "fastest" JavaScript engines needing
several 100 MiO RAM, and even less Adobe Flu$h.

The "current standards" are just absurdly increasing cost for essentially same
functionality (we could use mail, post in forums, upload and download files,
CVS/SVN/GIT, Bugzilla, online maps, timetables, ...) already 10 or 15 years
ago. The "new great user experience" means just that Internet more and
more sucks.

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