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> Thank you for your answer Ruxgulo but I think I've been misunderstood in some
> parts, where I admit I may not have made myself clear
>> Just get a cheap Chromebook, if you need all these modern niceties.
> As I mentioned, I personally do not "need" all those niceties, but I was
> stating that it would have been better if they were available; I know what
> Windows and Linux are capable of, and I've already seen what a Chromebook
> can do.  I'm not demanding from FreeDOS to be Windows or Linux, but I just
> wanted to share my experience with FreeDOS (as I have some more spare time
> in those summer days), and possibly give some good hints and feedback :).

I just meant that "modern" software (Windows or POSIX [Linux or OS X])
isn't minimal in its dependencies, and it doesn't try to support niche
or "legacy" OSes anymore. Heck, a P4 is considered bare minimum these
days, and many people want to drop IA-32 kernels entirely.

So you're expected to buy a "cheap" Chromebook and exclusively use
only "modern" software, if at all possible. So, if anything, the
hardware lives shorter than the software these days, but at least it's
cheaper to buy than ever. (But talk is cheap, and forcing someone to
upgrade perfectly-working hardware just for software reasons is
considered insincere and annoying.)

I'm just saying, in this spoiled world, you'll get no sympathy for
running DOS and only barely any sympathy for running virtualized under
a "modern" OS. (Developers / geeks are just not sympathetic to old

It doesn't mean we few here can't try to improve things, even with a
thousand little paper cuts, but it's tough to survive when nobody
sympathizes or tests or writes patches.

"Just use Linux!!!1" (whether you like it or not, resistance is futile!!)

> The day I would be able to open youtube or see a movie with mplayer from a 
> zsh shell,
> I believe I'll never install a desktop environment again.

I believe some already do this, even in DOS!

>> If you use VBox or QEMU (atop Linux), you don't have to look far to
>> find a working packet driver.
> I don't doubt it, but I don't see the point of using internet in QEMU, atop
> Linux. If you booted linux, then you just need to open links, epiphany, or
> firefox.

The point is that you *must* use emulation to support a packet driver
if modern hardware (overwhelmingly) isn't supported. There are some
drivers that work natively, but overall DOS is abandoned and

Sure, Linux has lots of ports, but that doesn't mean you can use (or
write) DOS versions instead. It's a starting point, an unavoidable
obstacle, not necessarily an end goal.

>> I doubt it's there already. He probably wants us to add it.
> As I said, Blinky is available among supertuxkart among characters.

Cool, that's good to know.

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