Hi Eric, 
and thank you for all the information you provided! If I have some time to
spare I'll give a look to any of the tips you suggested above above.

> PS: There is a Blinky FreeDOS thing for Super Tux Cart? 
> For Linux? Sounds interesting! Where did it come from? 

If you find yourself doing nothing you can try that game, which is really
enjoyable if you have someone to play with (single player nonetheless). All
the addons, like maps, and karts (including Blinky) are extremely easy to
install, as there's a dedicated menu for that within the game. Do not know
which platforms are currently supported (Linux for sure), but If I'm not
wrong there's even a macport for Darwin...so I would say, any!
I do not know who added it, but almost everything in that game comes from
users, for which I guess it's been a FreeDOS user.

> Having XGA 8-bit graphics is not exactly a feature even 
> if Win9x safe mode is even worse (VGA 4-bit). I basically 
> never see Linux fail to use VESA as fallback, at most I 
> had to tell it not to use experimental 3d drivers if it 
> would otherwise crash those :-p VESA today is true color. 

Vesa driver is truly the fallback, very versatile and It always works.
However,  from time to time friends ask me to put Linux on their computers,
especially on older machines they do not use any longer, mostly because they
want to try Linux a little bit, or because those pc are freezed, slowed down
by viruses etc..
It happened on 2-3 occasions that vesa did not work. One was with a very old
toshiba (black screen, kernel panic) the other with an HTC shift (wrong
resolution, out of range, made it work editing Xorg.conf and loading another
driver, but still brightness was awful) 

> The easiest way to run Win3 games today is to tell 
> Wine in Linux to simulate Win3 instead of newer Win. 
Sounds interesting, thanks !

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