Hi Ruxgulo, 
I just saw your answer, thanks for having replid so quickly :).

I confess not using wine either, unless I'm forced to, which is to play a
very few games, especially on BSD, where Steam is not available. Still,
despite having set it, I launch these games very rarely as well, since,
owning a windows at my place, I prefer using it when I truly want to play,
or to play dos games on freedos on train and other occasions like that. So
yes, there's plenty of good software, even free alternatives of professional
programs, in Linux and Wine feels like an unneeded redundancy. 

> Your VM can be as big or small as you make it. It can even be a small 
> floppy image. In fact, my efforts recently have been on such an image 
> that uses packet driver (and FTP or WGET) to grab further software to 
> RAM disk (if needed), for experimentation. But it's also equally easy 
> to install to .VHD (or similar) virtual hard disk. So you don't need 
> everything pre-installed, only a way to download it later. 

Yeah, in that way one won't encounter any compatibility issue, that are
always in ambush with a preconfigured system. I will try doing it your way.
I'll forward that hint to my engineering studying friends, who have to run
both windows and Suse and find it always hard and risky to have dual boot.

As for pdf, I' ve really come to the point of hating it, heavy, difficult to
copy and past, or export in different formats, and above all, not editable.
However in my environment, everything is in pdf (books, pamphlets, reviews
on scientific magazines, notes). It's true you can easily convert it (with
command line apps like pdf to html, doc, txt) but it requires too much time
with such an amount of material. I know even someone who paid for a premium
version of Adobe Reader.
Personally I'm satisfied with other programs like Xpdf on older pcs and
okular on newer ones

Thank you again,
Have a nice day,

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