> It's more possible than ever [0] to compile the kernel with GCC.
'This part of DJGPP is dedicated to the 16-bit tools that have been developed 
to assist in using DJGPP.

Note: I lost interest in these projects before I completed them.'

> Yes, it would be a large under taking but maybe a long term worthwhile
Yes, as long as YOU invest YOUR time on this.

> goal as OW has seem to lost a bit of steam.
a reliable, proven compiler is all we need.
we don't need a compiler with steam.

btw, just in case you lived on a different planet for the last 10+ years,
freedos also lost a bit (or all ) of steam,

with the sole and remarkable
exception of etherdfs, where some new, and even useful software was
recently created. no, a new setup every 5 years doesn't count.

> [0] http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/16bit/


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