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> MS implemented an arbitrary limit of 32GB for FAT32 volumes, but with
> third-party tools much larger ones are possible (up to 2TB?). Maybe those
> flash cards could be reformatted and used in the camera with FAT32 instead.

The volume size limitation is in the Windows utility that *formats*
the drive.  As of Win2K, 32GB was the size limit.  I believe it's
higher in later versions. The FAT32 file system can handle volumes up
to 2 TiB by default with 512 byte sectors, and up to 16 TiB if 4K disk
sectors are used.  (Being able to *use* 4K sectors is a whole other
hardware issue.)

An issue for cards my be hardware.  For instance, two of my Android
tablets accept external microSD cards up to 32GB.  This is not an
Android limit - it's a hardware limit on the slot the card plugs into.
The slot in the tablet is SDHC.  For larger volume sizes, it would
need to be SDXC.  My production tablet accepts larger volumes, but I
have no present need to do so.

I haven't used Compact Flash cards in years, and don't know the
corresponding limitations.

Dale might well be able to reformat the cards to FAT32 (but not from
DOS!) and siccessfully read them.  But they are his relative's cards
from their cameras, and they might not want that done.

For practical purposes, he's SOL on being able to read his relatives
cards in a DOS system.

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