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>> MS will jump on you if you try to use MS code.  If you reverse engineer and
>> roll your own access programs, MS won't go after you.  It's in their
>> interest to have the format readable on everything.  As noted, support
>> on Linux exists.

> In case of a patent, it is irrelevant on how you arrive at the working
> code. You either pay up or get the heck sued out of you...

Nope.  Patents are all about the money, and protecting things the
patent holder thinks have value.

How likely you are to *get* sued is a matter of whether the patent
holder thinks they are losing money from your infringement, and that
they can stop the losses, and perhaps win damages in a suit.

Explain to me why MS hasn't instituted patent suits against the folks
who implemented exFAT support in Linux?

> Ralf

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