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> On the other hand there seem to be a number of good
> open sorce programmers out there. Why not create
> another file system that does the same thing as exFAT
> but make it free. Flash card makers are paying dear
> to use exFAT. FREE would push MS out of the exFAT
> business.

Won't happen.  Who would actually do this?  What's in it for them?

Contributors to open source projects generally have one of three
reasons for doing so:

They work for a company like Google of Facebook that uses open source
software and pays them to work on what they use

They are scratching a personal itch, and working on something they use

They get bragging rights (like "I have commit access to the Linux kernel repo!")

Reverse engineered exFAT support already exists for Linux and a few
other things besides Windows.  There is no point to re-inventing that
wheel, and it might be a real challenge to make something that looked
and acted like and was interoperable with exFAT *without* stepping on
MS's patent toes.

What you want is exFAT support from DOS.  It might be possible to
adapt existing Linux support.  If you can find programmers willing to
spend the time and effort to do this, more power to you.  I don't
think you can.  Why would they *bother*?

I'm afraid you are stuck with camera storage volumes you can't access from DOS.

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