Excerpt from dmccunney:
> The likely issue is that the web is moving to https for connectivity.
> This creates an encrypted session between you and what you are
> accessing.  It's more secure, but requires using a browser than can
> *do* https.
> What client are you using now?  I don't try to browse from DOS, and
> haven't kept up on what's available for it, so I have no idea whether
> a client that will work exists.

What browsers are there for DOS that can do https?

I can think of three: Lynx, Links and Dillo.

Many years ago, I used Doug Kaufman's DOS port of Lynx for online commerce, but 
not banking.

HTTPS and Javascript support are hard to come by in DOS.

Arachne, last release (1.97) in March 2013, never supported Javascript or 
https, meaning no practical use, or severely limited, on today's WWW.  I never 
downloaded it.


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