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On Mon, 22 Jan 2018 01:40:56 -0500 Kyle Nied wrote:
>I set the second primary partition as active, and the
>XP setup disk manager said that second primary partition would be the C
>drive! So now I am installing Win98 (after changing the "active" status
>back to the 80GB primary partition) for hopefully the last time on this
>time-waster of a machine, and then will install XP, choose a boot manager,
>and then enjoy!

Right, but finding a proper BootManager might be a bit of a challenge.

Many bootmanager need to be installed in a FAT partition (FAT32 might be OK)
so that would be the W98 one. Some install into the MBR area only, and some
require a small primary partition of their own ...

It does not have to do much, just let you select from a menu and set the
choosen partition as ACTIVE ...

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