from David McMackins:

> I have a late 90s vintage laptop running FreeDOS, and I'd like to use it
> to connect to a BBS system directly over a phone line using its modem.
> Even if it turns out that this modem in particular won't work, I'd still
> like some help finding software for this.
> My cursory web search led me to a website that was last updated in 2001
> and had broken links to the software. What software is available for
> DOS-compatible systems that will let me do this? I don't want to use
> some ethernet/wifi adapter to hack together a solution. I want the
> authentic experience.
> Thanks in advance.

> Happy Hacking,
> David E. McMackins II
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> Associate Member, Free Software Foundation (#12889)

Karen Lewellen responded:

> Let me be sure I understand the setup you have in place.
> You have a laptop with a modem, card or internal?  that modem can connect to
> a phone line yes?  You have dos drivers for the modem yes?
> Frankly  I want to know which one.
> You  wish to dial into a bbs service with this modem.
> Okay, three programs come to mind.
>  Nettamer is likely the best because it has allot of structure.  the edition
> you need will depend on the  nature of your laptop, 386 486 Pentium etc.
> or  286 and less etc.
> I have  both copies of nettamer so can share.
> there are two others, procom, and telix..I hope I have the last  program name
> correct.
> I can direct you to places where those can be found as well.
> If you do not mind sharing  the specifications of your machine,  it will help.
> I am sure you  know this, but you will need to know the com port and IRQ for
> the modem.

I didn't think you needed specific DOS drivers to use a hardware modem.  A 
Winmodem is another matter, and nasty.

I remember Net-Tamer made it difficult to setup with a modem having port 
address of 4 hexadecimal digits, such as d800, because its setup form only 
allowed 3 hex digits.

A workaround was to use DEBUG to write the serial port address to lower memory, 
but forget just where (somewhere around hex 0040?).

But I never actually setup or used Net-Tamer, and time has long run out for any 
prospect of my using Net-Tamer.

But even if you can setup the modem, where do you find a BBS?  Haven't they all 
disappeared with the advent and expansion of the Internet?

I remember back in 1997 seeing an online list of BBSes, and more than half were 
no good or no longer valid. 

For software, there is also Kermit, developed at Columbia University and now at

Some links that you might find relevant are (copied and pasted)

The Zip files containing all the files, both text and binary, is here: (via FTP)
  http::// (via HTTP)

It seems to me there should be one colon and not two following "http".


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