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Steve can you summarize where we are and what we agreed to,

please, and

identify the questions that we need to answer.

Simo, Adam and I had a long discussion on IRC regarding the time rules
today (complete log attached).

The short version is that we're going to continue (mostly) with the
current grammar for the time rules, with a few changes.

1) We need to replace week-of-the-month with day-of-the-septet. This
should not be a range or multi-valued to eliminate confusion
2) We need to replace the time range with a duration
3) We should add startDate and endDate as attributes on the HBAC object
(separate from the accessTime). I propose these should be in LDAP
generalizedTime so that it's possible to construct filters around them.
This effectively sets the beginning and end of a periodic schedule.

OK, just please stop calling it septet.  I think Drums, Bass, Piano,

2 Saxes,  Trumpet,  Trombone Jazz combo when I hear that.  It isl ike
octet versus byte....it means the same thing, and just annoys people.

What you really want is to call it week-of-the-month as opposed to

week.  I realize that is more verbose, but we don't sound like

I've drawn up a new grammar definition and published it to the SSSD
(not currently linked from anywhere):

Please review and give feedback.

I thought that first septet is the first seven days of the month based
on earlier mails from Steven. Is this a true statement?
The whole issue started with ambiguity of the notion of the "N-th week"
of the month.
What is it the week-of-the-month? Is it first seven day regardless what
day of the week is the first day of the month (this is what I thought a
septet is) or fist full week from Monday to Sunday or from Sunday to
Saturday, or it is the first usually partial week? This is the ambiguity
that we want to avoid!

If the septet is what I think it is then we can't name it the
week-of-the-month and IMO septet is a good term here. However then there
is a bug in grammar as septet can be only 1-5 not 1-6.

OK, if this is really what is driving the grammar, I'm going to have
to NACK.

Lets make something that is intelligible.  We don't want to be
inventing concepts like Septet.  Or Septave, since 8 days is already
called an octave.

Here's the Cron line that Steve posted before.  It represents   THe
first wednesday of the month.

0 8 1-7 * 3

Lets keep the concept of week, starting on Sunday, add in the concept
of day of the month, and mix the two together.

Does the current grammar (pre-septet) support that?  Something like:

accessTime: periodic monthly between day 1-7  wednesday

No, it does not. That's the specific reason for introducing septet, to
add this support. However, you make an interesting point. Perhaps we
could introduce a more generic term than septet to allow the above.

Though I think user comprehension would be made easier if we turned the
construct into something closer to:

accessTime: periodic monthly Wed between day 1-7

Though for the parser, I think it would be best to have a delimiter
between Monthly and Wed. I'm open to suggestions for what makes sense,
though. "encompass"? "inclusive"? "position"?


It does not support this.
It requires to specify either a week of the month after "monthly" and
then day within a week (as numbers or the letter day names) or a set of
numbers representing days or ranges of ways with thin the month.
You can't with exiting schema unambiguously define "first Wednesday of
the month" without the proposed "septet" changes.

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